General Fast Service Company, S.A. has a team of 50 permanent teachers (educators, lawyers, psychologists, doctors, specialists, office automation, quality, risk prevention, private security, management, cleaning services) and over 150 external trainers, among they UAB professors, technicians from the Department of Safety and Hygiene, Medical section of the Center for Safety and Health Conditions in the Workplace.


The recycling of our staff is ongoing, as the constant recycling is mandatory to achieve the quality of training required. An agreement between the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and the Department of Employment of the Generalitat de Catalunya, enables all our trainers have specific courses and training modules for trainers, such as, group dynamics, computer assisted instruction motivation, quality of training, communication, teaching methodology of Occupational Training, design and programming, teaching resources, assessment, concepts and techniques of analysis and problem solving of the case method.




  • Security
    The Government will raise a public authority for the guards to the subway and the train...
  • Security
    Day VIII Edition of the Private Security...
  • Cleaning
    A step forward...
  • Cleaning
    Official Presentation Catalonia Professional Cleaning Card - CPL...


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